Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup – Oulton Park

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David Sutton, as ever, magnanimous in victory after a brace of dominant light-to-flag Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup wins in his VW Scirocco

Rotherham’s David Sutton had a weekend to savour in the Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup at Oulton Park leading the championship after a brace of dominant light-to-flag victories.

Sutton claimed the opening round’s pole position in his VW Scirocco by a huge 0.7 seconds, that he converted into an untroubled victory with a 2.5 second lead while setting the fastest lap.  “It was unreal, a smooth lights-to-flag with ease!”, Sutton remarked.

Starting round 2 from grid 6th he made a great start through to 2nd place, but leader Joe McMillan defended too well, so thinking of the bigger picture, Sutton sat behind him for the safety of a 2nd place points finish.

Round 3 was again a lights to flag victory for 24 year-old Sutton but this time it was far from easy: “Howard Fuller never let up in his pursuit of me – I had to push and do qualifying-type laps all the way, qualifying lap after qualifying lap for the whole race”.

His car would not have able to keep up this pace for much more than 2 – 3 laps before the tyres overheated with an increased risk of punctures likely.

A relieved Sutton commented, “The team set the car up well.   It’s been a great weekend, we came here at the last minute, I signed up to win and we have just done it!”.

But, a severely limited budget means he is only registered for the opening weekend of the season, so Sutton needed to impress to attract potential sponsors or he may be unable to take part in any further rounds.

“We need sponsors to continue, so hope to build on this and get to Rockingham”.

Doncaster’s Aaron Mason had a less fruitful weekend, with only a 2nd place and two 4ths including a fastest lap.

“We have done no testing prior to racing here”, Mason’s work commitments meant the team had to experiment with car set-up in qualifying, making a set-up false turn that hit their starting position.

But adjustments to the car prior to the race meant the 2013 champion was able to make up places in round 1, from 6th spot Mason made a sensational start to leap into the top three before grabbing 2nd.

Almost matching Sutton’s pace during the latter stages, but Mason was unable to get on terms with the leader, “the car’s setup ‘came in’ as the race went on”.

“We were quick and took the fastest lap in round 2. I tried to improve but it was taking two laps for the tyres to come in”, reported Mason who started from 5th.


Aaron Mason had to settle for runner’s-up spot unable to keep up with the dominant pace of David Sutton in the Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup at Oulton Park

Running in 3rd place, Mason was demoted to 4th place just two laps from the flag, complaining that the success ballast being carried by his VW Scirocco was proving too much for his tyres.

Starting round 3 from 4th spot Mason’s race was hampered by the engine cutting out, but he still managed to hold position in a rather lonely race.

“We are trying to make the car better at keeping the tyres cool during longer races”, two punctures dented Mason’s 2014 championship assault.

“The weekend was not perfect, but we got good points and had no accidents”, smiled Mason, 3rd in the championship, “After qualifying we changed the car completely and I was impressed how the car had improved.  I am sure we will get there.”


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